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Sunday, 12 January 2014

How MyTeksi app saved me yesterday!

Sunday, 12 January 2014
Ever experienced your car not working the moment you needed it most? Well that happened to me exactly yesterday when I needed to rush to Sunway Lagoon for WOW Music Festival *ohbummer* I panicked there, because my car alarm system went cranky of all days! So I did what I thought was most convenient of all, CALL FOR A CAB! Since I will be at Sunway for about 12 hours continuously, I might as well grab a cab and skip the parking charges! Best of all, I don't need to be worrying about finding a parking spot (because as you all know, parking can be a b*tch on weekends)!!

Remember the days when we had to actually call for a cab? (Alternatively dialing 03 9057 1111 / 03 9057 5757 / 03 6259 2020, remember those days, folks?) We had to call the taxi agency, wait for them to pick up (maybe they don't at all), read to them your full address (waste time), wait for them to call you back to tell you the results (could take up to 10 mins, sometimes the results are negative - doublebummer!!), wait for the cab (wait another 30 mins), then only arrive to destination. I remember hating to take cabs because of the long hassle procedures, especially when I was living a new housing area back then! Everyone just refuses to drive to Puchong because of THE JAM!!! FML.

So I thought of the most convenient way of grabbing a cab these days - MYTEKSI APP! Hailing a cab today is definitely way faster compared to the traditional way of calling the taxi agency! Believe it or not, I GOT MY CAB YESTERDAY IN LESS THAN 5 MINTUES!!! #nojoke #foreal

Here's how I got it -

1. I downloaded MyTeksi app onto my smartphone.
2. Enter information in a few simple fields – a name, password, email and mobile phone number (for MyTeksi app/taxi to contact you).
3. Enter in my location and destination.
4. Search for nearest cab.
5. Cabbie accepts offer. He's on his way!

I swear, all less than 5 minutes!

Why I enjoy using this app so much is because it tells me the approximate amount I'm expected to pay for the ride. (You know how annoying it gets when Malaysian cabbies jack up the price, especially during peak hours!) 

Also, the cab driver details are listed down so you know that you can trace him if anythings were to happen to you *touchwoodtouchwood* It will also be listed on your booking history, let's say if you leave something behind in the cab (who knows you left your important pendrive, or even your phone!)

You could also rate the driver, whether it was an overall good or bad ride experience!

There's a booking surcharge of RM2 (it's a very small amount for the efficiency I must say!) for each MyTeksi bookings. You will definitely save a lot of time, energy and even hassles! I would definitely recommend MyTeksi to everyone intending to get a cab, especially in times of emergency! I've used other taxi apps previously and they aren't as efficient as this one, trust me.

You'll even be sent an email to record the ride!

....and I reached Sunway Lagoon just in time for WOW Music Festival!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 

Speaking of which, MyTeksi is currently running a charity campaign for children in rural areas!

Don't forget that you can be part of our "Delivering Happiness" campaign by adding on to the pile of awesome donations for 2,000 underprivileged children this weekend (9:00am-5:00pm)! You can send your donations by keying in #gifts in the "Notes to driver" field and selecting "MYTEKSI HQ" as the drop-off point and we will pay for the taxi fare 
For more info on how and what you can donate, please click here:
Extracted from MyTeksi Facebook Page.

So yes, do give MyTeksi app a try! It is available of Google Play, App Store & Windows Store. Not only it is hassle-free, it saves you time and money! Good for the environment and Malaysian economy too ;)


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