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Friday, 27 December 2013

My Beauty Resolutions for 2014!

Friday, 27 December 2013
Since 2013 is coming to an end, I feel that I have been neglecting my skin recently thus I am making a list of Beauty Resolutions for 2014 to achieve enviable radiant skin!

1. Finishing up the product before buying a new one!
Super guilty of this one - new unused, unboxed products always stay in my drawers until I forgot about them and sometimes to the point of almost expiring! 

2. Reduce switching between brands, stick to what works for my skin.
I find that I tend to sway away from brands that work for me especially after receiving samples. Then when the new products do not work as good for me anymore, I tend to forget my HG products and start searching for other new brands! Because of this, I believe this is the reason why I tend to have breakouts easily compared to previously.

3. Take more time to care for my hair.
After bleaching my hair to almost platinum blonde, my hair now has become thin and brittle to the point that they break easily if applied pressure. So now I'm in search of products that will make my hair and scalp healthier.

4. Discover more makeup & hair techniques on YouTube!
Need this especially for events I attend from time to time! I love channeling towards Asian YouTube personalities because I feel that I can relate to them in terms of skin tone and style :)

5. Prioritise natural plant ingredients when it comes to beauty products.
Harsh chemicals, artificial colors and fillers in skin care products and makeup can cause redness, irritation and breakouts. As I grow older, I realize that all these are taking a toll on my face thus I will be placing priority for organic, chemical-free products which are gentle yet effective for my skin!

Since we are on the topic of beauty......

In conjunction with 2014 new year and Chinese New Year, The Butterfly Project & YADAH is inviting 50 lucky butterflies for an afternoon of fun and delicious Eastern delights as we celebrate the new year together! Experience hands-on session and discover more about the natural goodness of Yadah skincare and cosmetics just in time to look naturally beautiful for the new year. 

Come dress up in your favorite Cheong Sam and get involve in our special challenge time with Yadah products! Learn what’s good for your skin, and bring home handpicked skincare items for 2014 in our limited edition Eco Enblem Bag!

*This event is open only for selected butterflies only so come join in the fun!*



  1. Ah, Bubz Beauty ;D she's also one of my faves to watch <3

    goodluck going to the event!

  2. @Syaza Suhana
    YES she tops my list along with Michelle Phan! Asian beauties rock! :D


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